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As Long As There Is Chocolate

Every day’s a good one, As Long As There Is Chocolate.

Sick of heartbreak, Kate decides to devote her life to making fine chocolates and forget about relationships altogether.

But when she opens a gourmet chocolate shop across the street from a deli—run by a handsome Italian she dubs ‘Fabio the Sandwich Boy’—she discovers she’s not the only one dishing out temptation.

Gio wants to help Kate overcome her fears about love, but his big, boisterous Italian family gets in the way. Even long dead relatives get in on the act—leading them on a treasure-seeking adventure.

Can Gio convince Kate to take a chance on him? Or will his family’s secrets get in their way?

The 8 Days of Christmas

Coming Autumn 2021

Olivia needs to get home for Christmas in Castle Springs, Colorado like she needs oxygen—but all flights out of Houston are canceled due to inclement weather.

Houston, we have a problem . . .

Ace would recognize his teen crush, Olivia, from outer space, but when they meet at the airport, she clearly doesn’t know him from the man on the moon.

They join forces for a winter road trip home for the holidays.

Will their Christmas wishes come true?