Happy Birthday, Baby!

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Today TanaLovett was born! This is the day I birthed my very own bouncing baby blog.

I’m a writer, not a programmer, so pushing this baby out has been long and excruciating. I’m exhausted! It’s a good thing GoDaddy was out of reach during the pushing, or I would have told him I hated him AND his buddies, HostGator and WordPress. Now they are finally working together to take care of the little bundle of joy.

I guarantee I will have war stories to tell later. I’m sure I’ll complain about the stretchmarks on my brain.

It is kind of my birthday too. Today is the day I can no longer say “I’m thinking about writing as Tana Lovett.”

There’s no going back. I’m committed to my new AKA, and besides having special meaning to me, I think its a great name for a writer of Romantic tales.

The baby should grow quickly, and I’ll teach her new tricks, like RSS Feeds, plugins, contact forms and all the other foreign words roughly meaning pretty spiffy.

So thanks for stopping by for the shower. Check back soon as she grows. They change so quickly, you know, and they’re only small once.