Airbnb Art Gallery

My daughter and I are staying at a cute little Airbnb in Portland. The house is 110-years-old on a treelined street. This has been the best place, with very nice and accomodating hosts. If you’ve got to be away, having fun things and warm colors surrounding you can make you feel more at home. (Better than MY home.) Here are a few of my favorite things about Airbnb listing #692606 in Portland:

Dancing Ladies in flowery dresses

Handmade wood tables throughout

Iron Shutter

Flowers in the pumpkin kitchen

Cheerful little signs here and there. (This is smaller than an index card.)

Books and games for a warm welcome

The blue truck

The blue bird on a country road. (Not sure why the white shelving looks lavender here. This could be one of those blue dress gold dress things!)

A man and a dog with different perspectives about a bicycle

Kid stuff

Little red logging truck

The host has a woodshop in back, next to the maple tree.

That Picasso!

Pink fantasy in the kid/my room

We added the pumpkin to this little vignette

Kitchen art

Oregon duck in the bathroom

Bath privacy panel


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