You Know I’m All About That Blog. About That Blog. No Twitter!


Who hasn’t heard this song? Seriously.

Blogging is dear to my heart, because it was through blogging I remembered how much writing means to me and always has. As I actively blogged, I gained confidence and encouragement from others to “kick it up a notch” and start working on a book.

Through blogging I got the push to join local writers’ groups, where I began entering contests for my fiction and knowing I was on the right track.

AS LONG AS THERE IS CHOCOLATE is a small town contemporary novel with strong romantic elements. It began as a prize-winning short story and has developed into a full length novel, gaining more prizes along the way.

With this story, I’ve finally dipped my toe into professional waters, by pitching the book to agents at a writers’ conference. The two lovely women I met requested partial manuscripts, and I’ve sent them on, so the next step is to keep polishing the rest while I wait and see. I’ll begin sending query letters next month to other agents.

It’s happening.

Pinch me.

And it started because of a blog.

When I launched this blog in late August, it was with every intention to build its functions and content quickly.

The death of a loved one just a few days later sort of knocked me off my feet for a while.

I’m feeling ready to jump back in because I’ve got so much to talk about (and just try to stop me!)

It’s a great time for authors right now, with more avenues to publication than ever before. With that, there has come a greater responsibility for writers to take an active part in promoting their work. “Building a platform” through social media has become an important part of a writer’s job . I waste spend more time on Facebook than is healthy, so I have to take drastic measures to be on it less and write more.

And if my livelihood depended on understanding Twitter, I’d be hosed. #twitterspaz

I use Pinterest to gather visual ideas for stories, but have no clue how people use it to gain readers. But they do.

Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram? How do writers keep up with all of that and have a minute to create stories?

But I listened to a speaker at RWA’s national conference say that a blog is the best foundation for a platform there is.

And I enjoy blogging.

So I guess I had that one right all along.

I’m bringing blogging back! Go ahead and tell them tweeting authors that.

Because for me, you know, it’s all about that blog.